One Call Management

How confident are you that all of your One Call responses are getting completed? Properly? In a timely manner?

This service is a division emerging in popularity with locating companies leaving clients wondering how it works. First Alert has been managing One Call locates since 2001. With the introduction of Bill S-229 by Senator Grant Mitchell, we will all be part of prevention of damages and improved safety for underground infrastructure. Many changes will be inevitable; the requirement for operators to register with a notification center, mandatory One Call placement, mandatory requirement for locates, and much more. Our One Call Management squad eliminates this guesswork, reduces client risk and ensures regulatory compliance. We also assist in locating for private facilities where facility owners may not be required to respond.

The advancements in software for One Call Management helps take the hassle out of one call ticket management. It allows us to reduce administrative burden and compliments our services ensuring all of your one call tickets are properly administrated, approved, verified, issued, tracked, reported, and archived. This process is not just impressive it allows us to provide an affordable and simple approach to protecting our client’s underground facilities and providing appropriate and timely communication with the ground disturber to complete their work safely.

While our screening costs are FREE, we are also able to cost-share locating costs as we work with other clients in the same locations drastically reducing your overall costs. We can handle the one call screening and locating from start to finish OR just manage the locates as you see fit. We are flexible and can set up your one call management in any way to compliment or assist you in your operation. Talk to us today, even if it a question on how the one call system works!

By working preventatively and managing one calls we can actively ensure that any underground facility conflicts are resolved and that notifications are in place before work begins. We want to install confidence in the one call system; we are hoping that working with our clients and the public will improve it!

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Updating Services- One Call Management May 2017

See locating services for additional services we could provide or contact us directly at 780-518-8179 for more information on how we can assist you with One Call Management.