Locating Services

First Alert takes locating seriously from the technology used to the advanced standard of training initiated in the field. We have successfully operated for the past 16 years and retained an awesome group of employees. Between all our locating crews, we have a ten year average (125 years cumulatively) for active experience in the locating industry. Our qualified and experienced locators are equipped to work in all kinds of locations, terrain and weather.

We utilize current facility maps and records to ensure all registered lines are accounted for during our locates. We also maintain an in-house database of previous locates for the past 16 years of accumulated drawings; literally thousands of drawings for our locate crews to access. Customers are provided with a digital field locate map and any additional line data available with any locate we provide. We also have the ability to customize their requests for ground disturbance packages. Weather and availability permitting, we can add Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) imagery overlaid with the underground facilities found making it much easier to understand.

Line Locating Applications:

Line locating applications are endless and incredibly important. Here’s just a few:

  • One Call Responses and Private Locates
  • Underground Facility Locates
  • New Well site sweeps
  • New R.O.W. sweeps
  • Well abandonment & cut and caps
  • Pipeline Tie-ins
  • Repairs and upgrades at plant sites
  • Cathodic Protection Locates
  • Power Cable Installation locates
  • Road Construction sweeps
  • Rig Anchor Installation sweeps
  • Land Reclamation sweeps
  • Power Pole Installation locates
  • Pipeline Break responses
  • Environmental Spill responses
  • Plant site and Battery site locates
  • Well Center locates
  • Installation of pipeline warning signage
  • Depth of Cover studies

Field Solving

Do you know where all your facilities are located? This is a simple question with a variety of answers. “They are under there somewhere!” is usually the response.

The best possible solution is to have us map your entire field, deciphering the intricate network of underground infrastructure for you and documenting it electronically for future reference. We could easily combine this with any of our other services to ensure the integrity of your field is compliant and any concerns you might have can be taken care of!

Pipeline Signage Installation

With the implementation of more stringent Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) regulations, it has people scrambling to meet them. First Alert works closely to help our clients efficiently manage their pipeline signage and integrity to meet those regulatory requirements. Whether it’s just a couple locations or an entire area we can identify, cross reference the physical pipeline crossing against licensing data, and install or correct signs in deficient areas. On some occasions it has been requested to take pictures of the deficient locations and include GPS coordinates or a specific set of point referencing. Others have requested vegetation reporting. We fine tune to your needs…we custom tailor the package to keep you compliant!

Third Party Incident Investigations

Locating isn’t an exact science and, at times, it can be a challenge to get 100% accuracy in some specific situations. We realize there are times when locates are missed and cause an incident; in some case, very severe. It is important for these incidents to be report to your contract locator so they can investigate. The most valuable thing they can learn form is mistakes or situations causing an incident. The important step is taking measure to prevent it from happening again.

Clients still want to ensure that all possible preventable measures are recognized. In these cases, we can offer our services as an outside source to perform a site assessment and report our findings. It is imperative that this assessment is completed by an experienced locator who is competent and capable of identifying all angles of damage prevention as well as highly trained in investigations and locator competencies.

This higher caliber reporting provides our clients with peace of mind by obtaining pertinent information to determine a cause, revise procedures and policies, relocate the area of concern, and assist with the investigation.

Major Projects

Major Projects are a large task in locating that requires highlighting. First Alert has established a strong presence in major pipeline projects and have successfully completed major projects in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. We have specialized staff highly dedicated with extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of these projects. From environmental conservation to project planning our crews are able to assist with route and access planning, perform proposed right of way sweeps, locate congested crossings and tie in locations, and other ground disturbance requirements to effectively assist in damage prevention. Our clients can confidently assure you that we are accurate, efficient and effective in our processes.

How confident are you that all of your locates are getting completed? In a timely manner? Following proper locate procedures?

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