Foreign Crossing Witnessing & Ground Disturbance Inspections


Crossing Witnessing

With the growing demand on new construction and the time constraints, First Alert offers our assistance for foreign crossing witnessing. Conforming to crossing agreements, following internally specified forms, taking pictures and measurements of the work performed and inspecting back-fill are all tasks that First Alert can complete. we will present a package to be kept on file for integrity in the future. We are well experienced and in most cases, already on site. The convenience of having us complete these tasks for you, saves your operational staff from the disruption in their daily tasks and ensures this important information is never misplaced.

Ground Disturbance Inspections/Audits

Whether its placing the one call for your project or managing the entire ground disturbance process for you, First Alert has trained personnel to handle all types of ground disturbance projects. Communication with one call locators, organizing clearances, scheduling facility owner designates, verifying crossing agreements are in place, organizing hydrovac and managing conflicts can be a demanding experience but are a large part of the damage prevention process. Our entire involvement in the locating field deals intimately around these tasks. Depend on us to help you!

Rates are available upon request as some particulars will need to be discussed. Please contact us for more information.