About Us

aboutFirst Alert Locating Ltd provides professional, precise and complete locating services. Our clients can proceed with their projects – in confidence and safety.

Marty and Jamie Andersen’s initial objective with First Alert was to deliver highly accurate locates for all types of projects. They established their head office in Grande Prairie, Alberta, so they could concentrate their services in Northern and Central Alberta and British Columbia. To date, however, First Alert has completed projects as far away as Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut and internationally in Ecuador. In 2011, First Alert established branch a office in Whitecourt, Alberta to help alleviate costs for their clients. In 2016, a branch office in Dawson Creek was also established to help alleviate costs and service clients in BC.

Accurate locating and precise mapping are their main priorities because scanning a work site ensures due diligence in the prevention of line strikes. Adhering to current ground disturbance rules reassures AER, WCB and OH&S governing departments that all efforts have been made to minimize potential hazards for oil and gas companies and their workers during ground disturbance projects. First Alert’s particular scanning techniques and procedures have been fine tuned over the years by their team of professionals to prevent as many incidents as possible.

“Peace of mind: Be certain that the underground facilities are thoroughly identified for your project.”

We have specialized in all types of scanning and locating including, but not limited to:

  • Scanning and locating inside and outside facilities
  • Environmental spills and reclamation sites
  • Line breaks
  • Rig anchors
  • Smart pigs for line-a-log pulls
  • New pipeline rights of way
  • Seismic projects
  • Alberta First Call response management

To supplement our services, we amplified a number of our services such as Foreign Crossing Inspections and Witnessing, Ground Disturbance Inspections and Audits, UAV Photography and Mapping, Field Solving, Pipeline Signage Installation, Third Party Incident Investigations, and Major Projects. Combining all of these services meets our clients’ needs with only one call.

To maintain efficiency, computerized drawings and field tickets are printed on-site or, alternatively, can be transmitted digitally for approval. This way we can ensure each client’s needs are met by explaining our findings or answer any of their questions without delay. We also maintain a full time dispatch service to provide our clients with 24/7 service at all times.

First Alert has developed an extensive training program for all of our locate technicians, and we insist on a lengthy apprenticeship period before they are promoted to any level. Our competently trained crews are well experienced and specialize in promoting safety in the field; this combination allows us to maintain quality assurance and to offer competitive rates. We are active members of CAPULC and support their initiatives for the advancement of our industry, more recently, endorsement in the Underground Facility Competency Task Manual, the creation of Locating Standards and their drive for Professional Designation for Locators.

To reduce costs and ensure accuracy, our crews research material on every site. They review all Alberta Energy Regulatory (AER) information, First Alert’s own extensive data base and any other available records as part of every project. With this information as a starting point, they then scan and locate all possible underground hazards, not only what has already been identified and documented.

To promote safety and quality assurance within our company, we are active members of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) and we are a founding member of the Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC). We maintain our Certificate of Recognition in Alberta and British Columbia which continually ensures a high level of safety with specific training and auditing standards. Therefore, all of our employees are proficiently trained and hold relevant safety course certification.

Our crews are equipped for locates in all kinds of terrain and in most kinds of weather. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with our limitations and discuss any questions or concerns with us. We have the necessary expertise to deliver crews and equipment wherever and whenever required.

First Alert’s rates and references are available by request. We also welcome the opportunity to provide bids or estimates for any upcoming projects you may have. We would very much appreciate an opportunity to work with you.